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North Pole Clothiers
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Puffy Shirts, Plain White Fabric, Button Front:
Up to 2XL - $68  3XL - $75  4XL - $75+
Placket front styles are an additional $5 charge.
Other fabrics and/or trims can be an additional charge.

Puffy Shirts, Plain White Fabric, Pullover Style:
Up to 2XL - $65  3XL - $70  4XL - $75
Other fabrics and/or trims can be an additional charge.
Puffy Shirt Button Front Puffy Shirt Pullover
  Hawaiian Shirts:
Most are from 100% cotton, and all are pre-shrunk.
They have 1 left front pocket that I match to the background so as it is "invisible".
I select quality washable buttons (you get 1 spare sewn onto the side seam).
All the shirts are machine washable & dryable, and usually just require light iron/pressing.
All are made to order 1 at a time.
Finished sizes are approximately:
Med (48”chest and waist) - 4/5XL (68" chest and waist).
Talls can be made at no additional charge!
Prices start at:
M-L: $60  XL-2XL: $65  3XL- 4/5XL: $75
Special fabrics, & 1 way patterns are an additional charge.
Hawiian Shirt
  Reindeer Games T-Shirts: $20-$24

(Button front styles):

Start at $90.00 for a more "plain or simple" vest - cotton outer, polyester lining, no pockets or trims/details, and nice looking, but less expensive buttons.
They go up from there depending upon the size, fabric(s), pockets, trims, embroidery, belt loops, if mock up is needed, major pattern customization, etc.
Christmas Vest 
Reindeer Games T-Shirt
Available in Sterling Silver
Gold Plated over Silver

Solid 10kt or 14kt
Contact me for current price which includes postage/insurance.
Canvas. Color choice of Red w/ Green Trim
or Green w/ Red Trim

Plain: $22 (no embroidery)
Embroidery* is an additional charge.
  Wreath Rings Santa Wallet
Buckles: $75 - $80, including U.S. postage ♥ MUFF/PURSE ♥
Start at $50/muff, $60/purse
Red inked buckle  Gold Belt Buckle
Black Belt Buckle Green Silver Buckle
Muff Purse
  Large - @18½” dia. x 35” tall includes tassel /cord closure: $110.00
Inside Pockets: $5
Additional Carry Strap: $10
Other sizes/styles can be made. Contact me.
Embroidery* on plain fabrics is an additional cost.

Toy Bag
$35, embroidery* is an additional cost.
Magic Bag
$35. W/added carry strap $40

 Boot Storage Bag

Purses, Book Satchels, Sporran Bags, etc.,
Contact me for pricing
Sporran Bag

Three Clutches

Toy Bag Tags: $42 including postage
A large 2-sided embroidered I.D. tag that you add to your toy bag. Front is ...Santa Claus...North Pole. Backs vary and there are several styles to choose from.

Santa Bag Believe Tag 

Santa Bag Property of Tag 

Manger toy bag tag

Manger bag tag silver

Manger toy bag tag in gold

Manger Bag Tag Gold

Large Canvas Duck Santa’s Workshop (or Cooking) Aprons:
Plain w/pockets: $35
Embroidery* available at an additional charge.  

Ready-Made Poly/Cotton Aprons w/Embroidery*:
Can start as low as $30 and go up from there.
Aprons are available in several colors.
Embroidery(s) chosen will determine the cost.
Pockets can not be embroidered.

Green apron 

Embroidered aprons 

Lg. Jacket Patch: $125
Measures approx. 17" x 9". These are a custom item to be put on your fabric to match the jacket that you want it on.

Believing is Seeing Patch

All Points South Patch: $20

All Points South Patch


Xmas Place Mats: $8.50 each or 4 for $32


Steering Wheel Covers: $20
Subject to fabric availability

Steering Wheel Covers

All Other Embroidered* Items: Designs can start as low as $7 on your item (shirt, towel, etc.)
Prices go up from there depending upon the complexity of the design.
(Design costs are a combination of the hooping, stitch count, # of colors, and # of thread changes.)
Again, embroidery prices do not include the cost of the shirt or whatever is being embroidered on - this is just the embroidery cost. Plus return postage.
I have over 2,000 designs (some even not Christmas related) ranging from about 1” x 1” up to 7.5” x 13”.

*Different embroidery designs will run different prices.
Wallets can only have designs smaller than 4” x 4”.


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